The Solicitor

Lady Northenly is barely out of mourning for her late and not overly lamented husband when Will offers a proposal of marriage. Mr. Burke’s offer is startling, to say the least. Society would frown on a lady accepting such a proposal from a commoner, even if he is an accomplished solicitor.
The gentry would be even more aghast if they had any idea the things dear Will can do with his hands. And he’s a really good man to have around when the latest Northenly heir turns up murdered in the sitting room. But even though Will’s both useful and very inventive in bed, Sarah’s not sure she’s ready to give up a widow’s independence. What’s a lady to do?


“Add in a little murder mystery, a heroine who is no shrinking violet, and an intelligent hero with experience in both the bedroom and the courtroom, and you have a rather fresh take on a typically predictable and straight-laced historical romance… and since this is the kick-off installment of a series, we may yet see more titillating escapades from what is shaping up to be an unusual crime-solving duo.”

— Jean, The TBR Pile