Interview with Washington Post

Interview with Timeless Tales – “As an author you have to judge what you can do to make your readers happy and what you can do to keep your material as good as you…”

Interview with Samantha Winston – “I don’t know that I decided to write erotica. All I did was decide to write. Tina, the publisher from EC, and I have differing stories about how I…”

Interview from Romance Reviews Today – “I’ve thought about writing a romance novel for a long time. I submitted my first one when I was a teenager. After that rejection, I…”

Interview from – “Sometimes I think of a situation that intrigues me or a character that begs to have a story written about him or her…”

Interview from The Word On Romance – “…that there’s more sex. However, my erotic romances have plot, characterization, romance –at least I try hard for that—so the…”

Interview with December Quinn – “Word of mouth from readers is the best advertising and it certainly helps when you have something you can market easily.”

Interview with Just Erotic Romance Reviews – “Whenever you think of Treva Harte, you may be intimidated by the fact that she is a multi-faceted lady. You are almost in awe of her as you pick up her offbeat tales full of romance and passion that zap you and stun you while you are lost in a whole new world created by her. She made every woman’s dream of keeping men as pets, come true in her CAPA 2003 award winner, The Wildling. A great reader response was generated by her Time series.

“She comes across as a modern woman, content with her life as a mom and a lawyer. While juggling and fitting everything into place, she started an e-publishing company, Loose Id, and the rest they say is history. Books written by her and published by her company always have an unusual twist or an intriguing corner that makes you wonder. As, she doesn’t want to feel restricted, she writes whatever strikes her fancy and hopes that people who have caught the writing bug, do the same thing to be happy.”

Interview with Jeanne Barrack – “Paranormal frees me to look at human relationships in different ways. Ditto LGBT. I’m always interested in the conflict within what is or what will become a loving relationship and using the two elements you mention certainly can change how you look at the nature of the conflict. Besides, it’s kinda hot.”