The Deviants


Tierra, where men are men, women are women, and the two never, ever mingle — until Earthling Tory shakes things up.

The Deviants: “I wish men lived on another planet!” Tory wasn’t thinking when she blurted out those words to a strange woman at a bar. Now she’s in Femmeland, a planet where all the inhabitants are female and where heterosexuals are considered deviants. Tory wouldn’t mind indulging in a little deviancy if she could just find herself a male of the same mind…

Changing the Odds: Dag’s made some powerful enemies in Androvia. He’s determined to keep his incredibly sexy body to himself. You can’t do that too often in Androvia, or you end up battered and left for dead in Femmeland. Right now, Femmeland doesn’t sound as bad as going home, especially since he’s met Rhoanna.

World Enough: Treason is the worst crime known to either Femmeland or Androvia, and both countries think Faye Blaise has committed that crime. Edmond Jarvish relishes a good challenge. No other solicitor will defend Faye. He prays he’s as good as his reputation because the punishment for treason is death.

Welcome to the hilarious and erotic world of the Deviants.

Publisher’s Note: Deviants (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas The Deviants, Changing the Odds, and World Enough.

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You get passion and sizzle and a little bit of deviancy and you will not be sorry that you snuggled up with this!

Elsie Pitt, 5 Star Amazon Review

“I read this book a while ago and I still can remember what it is about. Trust me, not a lot of books can say the same. This book has a concept that was and (still is) totally different from any other book I read… Treva Harte has a writing style that [is] very easy to follow and read.”

— 4 Stars from Ada, Goodreads Review