Summer with Sexy

Zoe Pappas doesn’t want her new boss, A. Gordon Haigh, as a housemate. She’s not even sure she likes him, much less wants to live with him. But when she discovers the poor little rich boy is broke and his family has decided to punish him for the summer, she has to stick up for the underdog.

She still can’t quite figure out how that leads to her foster dog, Sexy, adopting Gordon, her very Greek family falling in love with him, and her realizing he’s very hot in a corset. But summer is the right time for new adventures — and also for accepting they end in the fall. This guy is only hers for the summer… unless somehow he changes her mind.

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“A beautifully written book with an interesting story line. The characters are strong, and the story flows quickly and smoothly. I enjoyed reading this story.”

— 5 Stars from Kathleen Bulfon, Amazon Review