Alpha Volume 2

Three blazing hot stories of werewolf packs in the wilds of West Texas.

Beg: Tala runs to Sin City the second she turns eighteen, refusing the alpha her pack has contracted her to, but somehow instead of her freedom she finds herself with not one but three were males who are hungry to make her their mate.

Heal: Arlin doesn’t want the responsibility of being pack Alpha. Ruth’s really cramping his style. How can a woman so cold smell so incredibly hot?

Carry On: Ned really doesn’t expect to fall for Frank, a cold-blooded hired gun, or MaeBelle, the owner of the speakeasy where Ned works. Now he has a bigger problem — keeping his lovers safe from the were killing anyone connected with the club… especially when Ned may just be the killer.

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Praise for Home (in Alpha 1)

“… this was a VERY cute and HOT story!! It has a GREAT plot… it kept me intrigued to the very end about what would happen next.”

— 4 Stars from Jess, From Me to You Book Reviews

Praise for Walk Away (in Alpha 1)

“A not entirely het werewolf romance! The… characters aren’t quite as straightforward as they would be in a formula romance. Add in the shifting and a small werewolf pack and it is a fun and entertaining read with a lot of sex and a happy ending.”

— 4 Stars from Mara Ismine, Goodreads Review