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Interview from The Word On Romance

This interview originally appeared on TheWordOnRomance.com

When she isn't writing or tending to her children, husband and dog (not necessarily in that order),Treva Harte works full-time as a government attorney in a city with many other government attorneys. In a previous lifetime Treva got her Master's in English Lit and had once planned to be an English professor.

Treva is an active member of both the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Washington (D.C.) Romance Writers (WRW). Her most recent Ellora's Cave publication is Perfect, a story about lawyers who actually have sex. She currently has eleven romantica stories, novellas or novels published with EC.

How does writing erotic romances differ from straight romances?
Well, the easy answer is that there's more sex. However, my erotic romances have plot, characterization, romance –at least I try hard for that—so the major difference really is the amount and graphic nature of the sex. Also—at least with my publisher--I can do much more cross-genre writing. I usually write some form of paranormal erotic romance.

Do you remember what you were doing when you got the call telling your first book was accepted?
Not really. Then again, I didn't get accepted the usual way. I met Tina Engler, the EC publisher, in an entirely different setting and heard she published electronic books. I was disgusted with trying and failing to get a print publisher interested in my work and I knew I wasn't following romance genre rules very well. I asked her how to start a publishing company and she asked if I had any erotic romances to send her. I asked what they were. (I was so innocent!) She sent me an example, and I said, "Ohhhh! Well, I can't do something like that but how about this—" The Seduction of Sean Nolan was born and I never looked back.

Do you have a set schedule when you're writing or do you just go with the flow? What about your family? Do they know not to bother you when you're in the middle of a book, or are there constant interruptions?
Ha, ha, ha. What about my family indeed. There are always interruptions. The kids, my mom, the DH, the dog, errands, phones ringing…What little schedule I have is that I try to write a bit when I get home from my better paying job and work a lot on weekends. Saturday morning cartoons for the kids are a lifesaver for my writing. I always envy those people who do writing warm up exercises (do such authors really exist?) and have time to plan out their writing. I just basically get to the computer and work until fall over or the next household crisis hits.

What kind of research do you do?
I actually do research. There is the usual writer research (things like historical facts for time travel books) and the less than usual research (sex toys.)

What does your husband think of your writing? Do you ever ask his advice on one point or another?
He's pleased that I write (he writes horror, Westerns, and other stuff that can't be categorized) but thinks I write icky girl stuff. We do consult with each other on editing and things like that. I doubt he's ever read one of my stories all the way through. It disturbs his testosterone level or something.

Do your fans comments and letters influence you in any way?
Oh, sure. I want readers to enjoy my work and I love compliments. Unhappy readers are important, too, since they make me re-evaluate my story. When someone says they don't understand why X does whatever, I know I haven't made my plot or character clear enough. That means I need to try harder next time. Also, readers for Ellora's Cave do have certain expectations of the books they read. I don't know that I would force my story or characters to do something just to make readers happy (my characters often have a mind of their own and object to me making them do things) but I will think very carefully about things that I know could be a problem.

Tell us about your latest book.
Perfect is my latest published book. It's my first book-length contemporary and it's about two law school students who are competitive in and out of the bedroom. My current work in progress is tentatively titled Her Capture. It's about—well, what is it about? It's an erotic romance fantasy that opens with a woman who is very happy doing her job capturing wild males and selling them off as pets. Then complications set in…

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