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Interview from Romance Reviews Today

This interview originally appeared on Romance Review Today

When did you first think about writing romance and what prompted you to submit your first manuscript?
I’ve thought about writing a romance novel for a long time. I submitted my first one when I was a teenager. After that rejection, I rethought my idea! Obviously I decided to go ahead again, though it took a while.

Was it accepted or did you go back to the drawing board a few times?
Ha. Someday I’ll meet an author who had their first try published. But it wasn’t me.

Would you like to write in any other time period? Say historical, regency, or fantasy?
Seduction of Sean Nolan was a romance with time travel and paranormal mixed in. My current story, Intimate Choices, has some paranormal elements. I’ve written several unpublished contemporary novels. Now that I’ve done time travel I know I don’t want to do historicals. Too much research!

What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels? Do you find them difficult to write?
Yes and no. Isn’t that helpful? Sometimes the physical part of the love scenes come first and then I realize how the characters felt and why they did certain things. Sometimes I know the characters well enough to know how they feel immediately and what they need to do to express those feelings. If you can’t write some kind of a love scene for your story, though, I don’t think you should write romances.

What does your husband think of your writing? Do you ever ask his advice on one point or another?
My husband is also a writer. And no, we never ask each other for advice! (Editing tips, once in a while, but never advice.) But he does understand a lot of what I do, which is helpful, and he is supportive when I hit a rough spot.

Tell us about your latest book.
Intimate Choices is the story of two female friends, Moira and Samantha. Moira and Sam secretly envy the other woman’s lifestyle and man. Moira discovers she has a talisman with the ability to make her wishes come true after she finds herself in Samantha’s body. What she doesn’t know is that Samantha has been switched into Moira’s body as well. Of course they now respond very differently to the men in their lives and that means all the characters get quite a surprise. I can’t tell you the ending even if I wanted to – the book is interactive and the readers get to choose the end.

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