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More Than Breathing
BDSM LGBT Historical
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The Wildling The Wildling
Genre: Futuristic
Length: Novel

In the uncivilized out-country known as Aridzone, Arness is the best at what she does. The wildlings she captures and domesticates worship her. In return she always matches her pets with doting, wealthy mistresses who reward hard work. She loves her job...

Until the uncontrollable Adan enters her life. He insists he is a man, not a pet. Will Adan fall under her spell, or will Arness learn that submission can work both ways?

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Just Released : King's Gambit
Genre: Cowpunk/Futuristic Western
Length: Novella

Calle had never been important to others. Maybe that was why he fell for Mosca, the most unobtainable person he’d ever met. When Mosca chose him to be his personal guard he should have suspected something was off. No one chose him for anything. But this time was different. Very different.

Mosca’s world was a dangerous one, full of deceit and treachery. He told Calle he trusted him and made Calle his personal guard. But living one step away from betrayal and falling in love with the man changed both of their lives. For good.

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King In Check
Genre: Cowpunk/Futuristic Western
Length: Novella

Mosquito has always lived in a world of betrayal and danger.  Rey, the
beautiful soldier who escapes from war, is used to the same thing.  Only
now, when they both know he may be dying and both are on the run from the
enemy, are they learning to trust in something at last. Each other.

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Every Good Boy Deserves FavorEvery Good Boy Deserves Favor
Jewel. She knows she’s going to be stuck inside her castle walls forever.

Ara. She’s sure she’s going to be given to a man she hates.

Maryam. She’s considered too old to do anything but raise children.

All three women, living in a future world where too few women exist and too many men want them, are about to be very surprised, because... Every Good Boy Deserves Favor.

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