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Every Good Boy Deserves FavorEvery Good Boy Deserves Favor
Jewel. She knows she’s going to be stuck inside her castle walls forever.

Ara. She’s sure she’s going to be given to a man she hates.

Maryam. She’s considered too old to do anything but raise children.

All three women, living in a future world where too few women exist and too many men want them, are about to be very surprised, because... Every Good Boy Deserves Favor.

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"EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOR is the start of a promising serial. I enjoyed the characters, the story, the lovemaking, and the emerging plot(s). Mio and Ulrich were very good heroes, both were alternately passive partners and dominating partners. I loved that in them; it allowed the relationship between each couple, sexually and otherwise, to explore more dimensions than I usually see in short stories. In short, I really enjoyed this story and recommend it for someone looking for a serial that promises to be good and a little different."
- Tara Black, The Romance Studio Blue

" There is practically everything you could ask for in EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOR. Action, romance, futuristic life, and a connection with women who live in a different time period, yet are so much like us. Read EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOR and decide for yourself if life would be more interesting without men around."
- Carolyn Crisher, Romance Reviews Today

"EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOR is a highly unusual tale. With a futuristic setting, interesting characters, and some spicy sex, it entices the reader."
- Ansley Velarde, The Road to Romance

"In this story, the author features three women characters upon whom the story centers. Trying to tell three stories at the same time is difficult, but Harte accomplishes it quite well. Each story is simple and separate, and yet entwines with the others to form a more complex story. This is a very interesting technique, and I enjoyed the result. The female characters are sympathetic and likeable, and the male characters are much more complex than the females think they are. The man/woman sex scenes are erotic, but not as explicit as some I have read. The only problem I had with this book is that it has a cliffhanger ending. I hope that the author has plans to make this the first book of a series, because I would really like to know what happens to Jewel and her friends."
- Jean, Fallen Angel Reviews

"I found the plot to be refreshing and the character development of each woman and man to be believable. ..Ms. Hartes second foray into this world will surely bring more adventures and challenges for the three couples and the women and men of this world."
- Jennifer Brooks, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

"This book with its three female protagonists and their various discoveries in bed and out of it was a delicious, sexy, easy to read romance."
- Cheryl Gross, Science Fiction Romance


Excerpt from Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

© Copyright Treva Harte, 2004

Ara refrained from rolling her eyes. A giant of a man loomed behind the herald. His cheek held scars from an old sword fight. He scowled menacingly, as if he were facing down another horde of males set to win favor rather than the lady whose favor he had gained.


He was bigger and faster and meaner than any of the other handful of males who camped outside the castle. He’d won every championship for the last seven months or more.

“Lady Ara.” His voice came out as a low growl.

“My champion.”

“Let us hope for a successful outcome to our mating.” Ulrich spoke the traditional words, his growl making the flowery words sound even more ridiculous than they were.

“Nonsense!” The words burst out of Ara instead of the ones she was supposed to say.

Everyone blinked.

“Lady?” Ulrich asked.

“I said nonsense. We haven’t had any pregnancies in the castle for the past year.”

“You women are failing to do your duty! We grow tired of the wait.” One of the men in the crowd blurted out. “Once Ulrich gets you pregnant then he must step aside and give the rest of us a chance.”

“You dolts! We women aren’t failing. It’s your precious champion who can’t make us pregnant!” Ara snapped.

The whole crowd fell silent.

Oh my Goddess. Had she actually said that? Out loud? In front of a sea of huge males, all sweaty and edgy after their stupid championship battles? Ara would have clapped her hands to her mouth but it was too late.

“What do you mean by that?” Ulrich’s voice raised to a roar.

“Exactly what I said. Or are you stupid along with your other fa—“ A hand was clapped to her mouth. Maryam’s.

“Ara is a little over excited by giving favor today,” The Eldress stepped forward, her hand on Ara’s shoulder. She squeezed it, hard.

“She hasn’t given anyone favor. All she’s done so far is give me sass!” Ulrich scowled so hard that Ara wondered if he could be displayed as a gargoyle on the castle turret. “Maybe I don’t need this one’s favor. And maybe you don’t need my tribute.”

The women looked down at the pile of venison, raspberries and other delights the men always brought in tribute at the start of giving favor. None of those things could be obtained within the castle walls unless someone brought it to them.

“If you don’t want Ara’s favor, I’m sure we can come to a reasonable compromise,” the Eldress said. “Just let me confer with my Council.”

The two other women of the castle scuttled to her side and began to whisper. Ulrich’s glare trained itself on Ara. She held her chin up, but she could feel her palms begin to sweat a bit. Ara was very aware that the only thing she had to hide her perspiration was body paint. Goddess, Goddess. She had just insulted the most powerful male in their region. A male who was supposed to have intercourse with her for the next week.

Would the Council ever stop those endless deliberations? Ulrich’s glare didn’t cease the whole while. Everything, from his coppery, braided hair down to his tree trunks of legs, bristled with annoyance. Maybe with something even more frightening than annoyance. He wouldn’t hurt her, would he? Males were supposed to confine their hostilities to other males. But Ulrich was so particularly large and so particularly hostile--Ara forced herself not to shift her feet nervously, but time began to feel as if it was carried by a very slow turtle.

The Eldress broke free of her Council. At last! Ara could have sobbed with relief. The older woman walked to Ulrich, a tentative smile on her face.

“Champion,” the Eldress began.

“I won’t have her.” Ulrich crossed his arms. “Lady Ara is no lady and not worth my efforts.”

Maryam clamped her hand over Ara’s mouth again.

“Very well.” The Eldress bowed her head in respect. “We would not force her on you. We offer an alternative.”


“We have another available female. She is a bit older than the others but she was the last female in our castle to bear children. Three children. One of them was female, a blessed and rare event among us.” Maryam made a noise in the back of her throat before she dropped her hand. “We offer you Lady Maryam in the Lady Ara’s stead.”

“Wha—“ Maryam clapped a hand to her own mouth.

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