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The Wildling The Wildling
Genre: Futuristic
Length: Novel

In the uncivilized out-country known as Aridzone, Arness is the best at what she does. The wildlings she captures and domesticates worship her. In return she always matches her pets with doting, wealthy mistresses who reward hard work. She loves her job...

Until the uncontrollable Adan enters her life. He insists he is a man, not a pet. Will Adan fall under her spell, or will Arness learn that submission can work both ways?

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"THE WILDLING is hot enough to singe the fingertips …"
- Jordan Moon, The Word on Romance

"… keeps you hopping with a storyline that has three relationships evolving simultaneously. The action really escalates toward the end and so does the fun."
- Flora Bell, Sensual Romance

"If you enjoy a futuristic setting with plenty of steamy sex, then check out ”The Wilding.”
- Connie, A Romance Review

"As usual, Treva has outdone herself in this offering for the female mind. She just keeps getting better and one begins to wonder what kind of life she lives outside her books. Whatever it's like, I want some of this kind of life, too."
- Irene Marshall, Timeless Tales

"This is a wonderful book, well written with well-defined characters."
- Brenna Lyons, Sensual Romance

"THE WILDLING is another in the category of romance novels where the world is turned upside down and women are dominant while men are mere beasts. Though it's portrayal of men is extreme -- they are largely incapable of any higher reasoning, including speech -- Arness is a strong female character who deserves an equally strong mate. Happily, she gets him. Adan is a perfect romance hero -- strong, intelligent, handsome, and totally in love with the heroine. Their relationship, though tumultuous, has a brilliantly happy ending and is full of very satisfying sex."
- Ann Leveille, Sensual Romance

"The book is filled with great sex and wonderful ideas it awakes every sexual fantasy imaginable. The whole Idea of having men as pets, having them be at your beck in call is truly unbelievably gratifying. The author did a tremendous job and the whole idea of it all just blew this reviewer away."
- Ruby, LoveRomances

"The Wilding by Treva Harte is one erotica romance you will definitely want to read."
- Melinda, Love Romances

"THE WILDLING is filled with the expected moresexmoresexmoresex, but also tenderness, love, danger, excitement, romance, and friendship."
- Sharyn McGinty, In The Library Reviews

"Definitely pick up The Wildling if you’re in the mood for a fun, erotic futuristic where it’s the women who are in charge for a change."
- Nicole Hulst, The Romance Studio

"The only reason I didn't finish this book in one sitting is that I started it late at night and if my hubby had woke up and I hadn't gone to bed, I'd have gotten fussed at for not getting enough sleep. As it is, I didn't go to bed till after 4:30 am. It was difficult to stop reading and turn the computer off." 5 Wands
- Enchanted Ramblings

"The Wildling is a must-read for fans of futuristic erotic romance who enjoy stories with edgy undertones."
- Belle Dessler, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Behind the Book

The Wildling was one of those stories that “just came” to me. I snickered a lot at whatever it was my subconscious came up with while I wrote madly, trying to keep up with my ideas. My critique partner complained that I had far too many typos (since she is the bad speller between the two of us, you know how bad things were!) but I was writing too fast to stop. If you liked The Deviants series, this is as bent as that—or maybe more so!


Excerpt from The Wildling

© Copyright Treva Harte, 2002


"Come along, my wildlings." Since the words alone wouldn’t be enough for all of them, Arness whistled. Those who hesitated before moved forward at the sound. Even her newest captures had learned the whistle's meaning.

"Not a bad lot." Arness turned to Primary, with a smile on her face. "A good thing, too, since this means my year's earnings, more or less. Would you like a nice new collar when we go into town?"

Primary touched the rather worn leather collar at his neck.

"Whatever you wish, Mistress," he answered. Primary shot a sideways glance at her. "I'm partial to a deeper shade of blue."

Before she could answer, he ran forward to yank at the chain of one of the faster wildlings.

"Slow there!" He snapped the command in his deepest voice. He spoke harshly, with none of the deference he paid to his mistress. "Keep in line."

Arness mentally shook her head. She always had to remember the latent violence that existed in all these creatures—even in her wise Primary.

"Gentle! You're yanking the chain too hard—the beast won't be able to breathe!" Arness called. "Remember he doesn't understand all the word commands yet."

"He'll learn fast enough," Primary growled, then lowered his eyes. "I know he's capable of following orders. You're too soft with them. They'll take advantage."

Arness actually shook her head this time. Primary had been trained to speak quite fluently, but sometimes he forgot not all wildlings had his abilities. Arness thought his conversation was quite a testament to her training as well as his own intelligence. She might be partial, but she was also sure he was much further advanced than most pets.

"Don't remind me of who takes advantage of my generosity." Arness kept her tone cold. "I gave you an order."

Primary was perhaps a foot or more above her in height but he looked stricken as he bowed his head.


Arness wanted to sigh. Not even Primary agreed with her methods of dealing with wildlings. How could she help it? All her wildlings were such beautiful, sleek creatures. They were a delight to look at, a pleasure to train. Perhaps Primary was right that she was over-gentle with them. But when you were camping in the out-country for months on end with nothing but half-wild beasts for company, you forgot they were chattel to be sold for a profit…unless you kept a few for your own entertainment.

Speaking of which—

"Sec! Secondary!" Arness called.

Primary was hulking. Over the years his brown hair had developed a few strands of gray at the temples. She kept him for his endless strength, vast experience and complete loyalty.

Secondary was just the opposite. He bounded to her side, all but wiggling with excitement. Arness laughed, just looking at his hopeful air. He was all youthful eagerness and expectation. She kept Secondary to amuse her.

"I suppose you are expecting a treat whenever I call, eh, my little pleasure glutton?" She hooked her little finger into the nipple ring he'd insisted upon during their last town visit and twisted slightly. "Have you been watching your half of my wildlings?"

Sec's eyes half-shut with delight at her touch.

"Yesss," he breathed out.

She swatted him on his rear.

"Then keep watching," she advised. "I don't want to see you off seeking your own pleasure instead of doing your duty."

Sec grinned at her before ducking his head obediently.

"Of course, Mistress."

Arness looked at the familiar landmarks. They were almost to Patroness Morgena's ranch. Whenever possible, Arness liked to start the rounds of trading there. The patroness knew her end of a deal, Arness knew her potential buyer's preferences in future pets and, best yet, there was water.

"We've reached the creek!" Arness called to her two personal pets. "We'll camp here for the night and do the grooming."

Water. That was a rare find in her part of the world. What was even more rare, the patroness had granted her free access. Most water owners were far less amenable.

Thank Goddess the patroness was so kind. It was hot. Aridzone was always hot.

Arness knelt and trickled the cool liquid through her fingers, enjoying the sensation. Reluctantly, she stood up. There was more hot work to be done.

"Shall I pull out the fairer wildlings, Mistress?" Primary asked. He knew the patroness' preferences, too.

"Might as well. They'll get an extra-special going over. But do them all. D'you hear me, Secondary?" Arness turned to him, aware who might shirk in this pair. "You never know what guests are at the ranch. We might find someone who wants some of the others."

Primary turned and gestured to Secondary to go forward. Arness paused to watch. She did enjoy watching the two of them go through their paces.

Expertly, they unchained and pulled forward the four blondest of the group. Before they could react, the fair ones were thrown into the creek. Yelling, making strange guttural sounds of displeasure, they bobbed up and down. Arness paused. Some of them would know how to swim. Others would not. You could never tell from their outward appearance which would be expert.

She eased out her bullwhip and the darts, just in case someone thought now would be the time to make a break. This group, though, posed no problem. They merely stood, looking a little miserable, while they were groomed. Primary reached and ducked each one under water, scrubbing thoroughly with soap and a loofah.

Primary knew where to concentrate—the hair and genitals. Breeders like Patroness Morgena were particular about those areas. Some who bought wildlings as pleasure creatures had other interests, but that wasn't what Arness was concerned about for tomorrow.

When Primary was done, he passed the first capture up onto the bank where Secondary briskly dried the wildling's body and then began to comb out his hair.

"Shall I shave them?" Sec called.

"No, we won't waste the effort on these," Arness said. "The patroness doesn't care."

They could save the shaving and trimming for those last on the market, when special gimmicks became important. Arness moved forward when Secondary finished fluffing out the top hair of the first one.

She rubbed the special oil on her hands and smiled at the look of fearful anticipation on the capture's face. He was still feral, but he'd learned to trust her and to associate her hands with pleasure. The wildling walked forward, a little reluctantly, but still he came.

"Excellent, Four. Come to me," Arness crooned to him. "You'll enjoy this rubdown."

The oil gleamed in the sun as she held it in her hands; it would gleam just as brightly and enticingly on their bodies. Arness spread his feet apart and began to rub up his legs. It made a nice contrast as her light brown hands splayed against his paler thighs. She didn't have time to admire the sight long before the male let out one of those usual male guttural cries and tilted his pelvis forward.

"Yes, Four." Arness laughed. "It's fortunate all you wildlings have such urges. I doubt any of us could capture and keep you otherwise."

She ran a hand teasingly over his cock. It twitched and he thrust against her hand. Four was already getting hard, an excellent omen for Patroness Morgena and her breeding farm.

"Not yet, though. We'll save that for the last." She patted him reassuringly on his rear and knelt to finish the calves and thighs.

Four cried out again but waited, trembling. Arness smoothed her oiled hands over his almost hairless chest, spreading out the streaks to cover his shoulders and arms. She began to slide her hands down again, stroking one nipple.

She smiled when she heard the sucked-in breath that signaled he wanted more than a thorough oiling. Arness teased her fingers down while she continued her work on Four. His stomach muscles tensed as she reached his balls. His cock swelled to an almost impossible length.

The problem was, should she relieve him or not? Arness paused. A potential pet who displayed eagerness during a sale—and this patroness would undoubtedly test for that—was far more likely to be bought. Perhaps she shouldn't take the edge off his hunger. But a wildling who showed he knew and understood such play and welcomed it was also important. Would continuing his grooming be more beneficial or harmful for tomorrow?


Arness paused to stare.

"Four! You spoke?"

His eyes pleaded, though he stayed as still as a man who was trembling all over could. Arness felt a glow of pride.

She'd managed to teach one of her newest captures to speak. Of course he was highly motivated at the moment. Thoughtfully, she ran a finger against the length of his erect penis, testing the few drops that leaked out as she toyed with the reddening head.

"Yes. Pliss. Pliss." The man shut his eyes. "Miss Tris."

"Another almost ready!" Secondary called.

Damn that Secondary. He always got jealous when she did necessary training for the wildlings. He did have a point though. At least three others needed attention.

When she stopped moving her hands, Four's eyes opened. She couldn't ignore those desperate blue eyes. Or that desperately hard cock.

Damn, she was too generous and indulgent with them.

"Mistress, the third one is out of the creek now!" Sec called.

"Finish yourself, Four." Not a bad compromise, she thought, seeing the fleeting look of frustration on his face as she gestured what she meant.

He didn't try to protest her command, despite the unhappiness. She almost laughed. She knew her wildlings.

For a moment she watched as he began to work his shaft steadily with his own fist. She could see he was already too close to climax to do anything but hurry. Excellent. He would be eager tomorrow when he was tested by others, but not too eager.

His skin gleamed and glinted as he worked his fingers over his cock. Lovely. He was as perfectly groomed as any handler could make him. Arness glanced over the nearly ready cock and nodded. Yes, that should fetch a nice price once it was displayed.

She turned to Six, a slighter and younger male. His head was already bowed, though the chains had been taken off for the grooming. Arness shook her head. Each one was different and each required different treatment. Some wildling handlers never learned that, or missed the nuances needed with a particular capture.

Six was a bit shyer than the others. He blushed as Four groaned and spurted, an act which caused the others to laugh and nudge each other. Arness absently patted Four's haunches in approval as he recovered himself, licking her lips a bit as she saw his seed spill out over his cock and hand. Four was a tasty sight. If she wasn't so busy she might…

Well, she hoped the patroness saw what a fine potential breeder Four was. Meanwhile she had more work to do.

"Six." She made her voice even more gentle and seductive. She held out her hands, palms stretched open. "Here, Six. Come."

He was shy but he was as male as the others. His cock twitched for a moment as he obeyed her. Thank Goddess. Sometimes you discovered you'd captured one that couldn't be bred or even used for pleasure because they had no interest in females. There were markets for that, too, but Arness rarely trafficked in them. Watching males cavort with other males might be some patroness' particular bent, but there weren't enough to make it worth Arness' time.

"Six, take the oil and put it on your body." She gestured, making sure he understood.

The young wildling placed the oil on his chest and thighs and waited. He didn't look eager, though his cock was now slightly stiff. Curse it. He was still more fearful than excited.

She'd neglected him in favor of some who were more forceful in their bids for attention. Hopefully she had time to rectify that problem before tomorrow. After all, he was a pretty thing—a bit delicate perhaps, but plenty enjoyed such beauty.

"Sec, work more carefully on the other two," Arness called. "This one will take a bit longer."

Arness put her hands over Six's. She saw the flush come over his neck and cheeks again. Gently she began to guide his hands over his skin. Sometimes her wildlings had been captured before only to have been released or escape later. She could tell by their behavior if they were used to women. Some had been treated badly, others perhaps a little too well.

But Six had not.

She would lay a wager that he was a virgin. She couldn't swear to a few of the others in this particular group, but Six was untried.

Untried and afraid. Perhaps even ashamed. She could feel it in his responses to her. How Six tried to cover his erection with one hand instead of obeying her. His shame was deeper than his obedience.

Arness hissed a little with displeasure. Six stopped his rubbing motion completely, staring at her.

"Come." She pulled him behind some shrubbery.

For now he couldn't be displayed in public. That could make things difficult but she'd see what she could do to accustom him to his role.

Six trembled, as Four had, but for a different reason.

She tilted his chin up to face her. She was a tall woman and usually preferred pets who were taller. Six was her height, almost exactly. Well, that had its compensations. She stared into his eyes, long and deliberately.

Then, just as deliberately, she stroked his oiled body as she put her lips on his. She absorbed his startled cry into her own mouth as she flicked his lips open and inserted her tongue.

He jerked but she placed her hands behind the small of his back and pressed him closer to her. She could feel him begin to swell more forcefully now. Excellent. She had to make enough time to show him how erotic it was when a woman stroked and petted him. She pulled her head back.

"Six, tilt your head so." Puzzled, he tilted his head to the side.

She bit at a tender part of his neck. He flinched but she could tell he was interested. She licked the bite gently and he made the first pleased sound she'd heard from him. Yes. A little domination, a little pleasure…that was what this one needed.

Unbidden, he tilted his head to the other side. Arness almost laughed. Instead she pinched one male nipple and he yelped. But his nipple grew hard and firm. Better yet. He couldn't be allowed to expect a certain caress. He must learn to respond to a range of possibilities.

"Six. Take your cloth off."

His eyes grew wider as he understood. Captures were dressed usually in nothing but a cloth over their genitals—perhaps some leggings if the weather was bad or the underbrush too heavy. Six had kept his covering on despite his bath and grooming.

His fingers trembled, but they obediently stripped his body of that one remaining protection. Arness took the oil flask and slowly dripped it over his pubic bush and cock. With each drop, his cock grew more eager. She watched his erection swell and then begin to bob as the oil hit. Six licked sweat from his top lip.

Now he was more eager than ashamed.

Arness dropped to her knees. There were different requirements for each potential pet, after all. Holding his rear firmly, she placed her mouth directly on the head of his penis.

He let out one sharp, surprised cry and then seemed to forget how to breathe.

She lingered a little at first, allowing him to absorb the sensations that she could almost feel humming inside his body. Her first long smooth glide, taking his cock down her throat, had him clutching his hands into her hair for support. Then she paused to lick the throbbing vein in his cock.

Outside the shrubbery came the loud sounds of the other captures splashing in the water, yelping as they were readied for market. Inside, silence reigned except for the sounds Arness' tongue and lips made as she licked and sucked.

Shame and inexperience couldn't hold out for long against experience and desire. Six reached back to cling hard to a rock at his back as Arness sucked him hard and deep. He broke within minutes, coming hard in her mouth, crying harshly as he did. He slid to the ground.

She stood and bent over him as she finished oiling the top of his body with an almost-caress, comforting him as he stopped shaking. When his body finally lay still beneath her, she patted his head.

"Didn't you enjoy that?" she asked. She wished she had more time to be tender with him. He looked shattered. "There will be more from your permanent mistress. You're a handsome fellow and she'll see you are pleasured often. I'm sure of it."

Slowly he got to his knees, still with a bowed head.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, Six bent his head still lower and kissed her boots.

Arness bit her lip at the unexpected gesture. He'd make someone a lovely pet. A different pet than Four but equally fine.

"Mistress, can you not help now?" This time Primary called. When he cried for help, it was needed.

Arness pulled Six out of the shrubbery, looked at him and stifled a sigh. Oil and desert sand didn't mix well. Six's knees and ass were dirty.

"Primary, clean him up again."

Exhausted, touched by Six's untutored tribute, Arness made short work of oiling Three and Five. They needed little urging, though, since they'd seen what had gone on with Four and, despite the lack of display, there was no missing the rare smile on Six's face—or his sandy legs.

"Tether them all. Make sure their hands can't get free." Secondary and Primary looked at each other. All of them knew why the wildlings weren't to be allowed any possibility of self-pleasure. Each one's manhood would be evaluated tomorrow.

* * *

"You're tired." Primary brought her a bowl of the endless camp stew. Arness tilted some down her throat, forcing herself to chew and swallow. Ah well, tomorrow there would be delicacies to savor. Patroness Morgena had an excellent cook.

"Yes." Arness refused to allow herself to slump, even before her most treasured creatures. One didn't show weakness before them.

Primary went behind her, kneading her shoulders with clever fingers. He knew her weaknesses after their years together even without her displaying any.

"How long has it been, Primary?" Arness asked. "Since you became my pet?"

"Ten years, Mistress." She didn't doubt his calculations. "You were still a new trader then."

She had been twenty, finally allowed on her own. Those first years had been arduous, risky, and poverty-stricken.

"And you were young enough to be my secondary pet. That is, if I could have afforded two."

"I was grateful you thought me experienced enough to be your primary personal pet despite my age. I was even more honored to be your only pet." Primary bent over the calves of her legs, massaging firmly.

How had he felt when she took on Secondary? Arness frowned at the thought. Most traders had a whole string of personal pets, culled from the best of their own stock. She'd never wanted to take on the permanent care of more than a few…it was expensive and emotionally costly. Not many others felt that way, though. Having just one for years had made her a curiosity among the women she met.

But Primary—he'd been her sole source of amusement and comfort for a long time. Perhaps it was ridiculous to think a pet might have such delicate feelings, but she wondered if he might have felt some jealousy when she took on another one.

Arness shrugged away the thought. He seemed to cope with what feelings he had without difficulty. Pets were used to being one of a group. Most probably liked the companionship.

"I'm tired but excited, Primary," she admitted.

Primary smiled, just briefly.

"I know, Mistress. It has been ten years. The grooming always excites you. I remember times when you almost wore me out."

Arness smiled, too. She remembered a few of those nights.

"You never did wear out though."

"Not then. I have help now, though. Thank Goddess. You're quite a woman when you get going." He slanted another glance at her and stopped his massage. "Secondary!"

Sec squatted down between the two of them.

"The mistress will require both of us tonight."

Arness smiled and decided not to reprimand Primary for giving such a command. He was right, of course.

"Strip for me." She began to take off her leather vest as she watched.

Both Primary and Secondary knew how to make a show of their disrobing. A lovely show. As her personal pets, they wore laced leggings and vests to cover themselves. Their clothing showed enough of their bodies to display her good taste, but not enough to make a free show for other women. She watched their fingers slowly unlace and uncover prime male flesh.

Finished with her own stripping, Arness stood, thoughtfully comparing her two. They posed before her, fully exposed, letting her look. They were a lovely sight, together or separately.

Primary, huge, shaggy, powerful, could make her wet when she put her mind to his body rather than his ability to work or converse. During sex he could go on forever, always seeing to her pleasure before his own. Goddess, how she enjoyed that.

Secondary, thinner, his face more sculptured, his emotions never completely under control, was insatiable. Seconds after he climaxed, he was ready for more. She enjoyed that, too.

"Primary, come to me." She spoke the command she had given so often today to the captures. "Secondary, in a moment."

Primary needed no more instruction to stand in front of her. His callused hands began to stroke her breasts and she shut her eyes at the roughness against one of the softest spots on her body. Unbidden, Secondary soon crowded behind, cock already stretched hard. He shamelessly rubbed himself against her rear as he reached around to move his fingers against the curls of her pubic hair.

Arness briefly wondered if the captures could see them, outlined against the dying fire, right before she lost all worries, all concerns other than the four hands and two tongues that were working their way across her body with the sole object of giving her pleasure.

Ahh, this was why one took on the trouble and expense and care of pets. For moments like these. Primary dropped on his knees before her, using his skillful tongue against her clitoris. Secondary was already moaning at the back of her neck, but taking his turn at caressing her nipples with one hand and gently massaging the puckered entrance to her ass with the other.

She allowed herself to slip into sensation, into pure enjoyment of the waves of heat surging through her body, the weakness growing in her legs. Arness took pleasure in the sounds Secondary was making, the wordless pleas he groaned against her skin. She delighted in the sweat beads forming on Primary's forehead. He never pleaded, never gave in until she told them—

"Now. Now!"

Primary leaped to his feet. Then he groaned as he slid firmly home inside her. Secondary, with more care, pushed himself into the entrance he had been making ready. They all paused for a moment, savoring the sensation.

Full. Delightfully stretched and as full as any woman could be. Nothing could be better than two hard cocks pushing together. Arness wondered, briefly, what the others felt when they were inside her, but then had no time to wonder about anything but the almost blinding pleasure that began to jolt through her as Primary and Secondary, working with precision, began to slide themselves in and out.

Primary's fingers, already slick from his previous explorations, moved gently against her clitoris. Secondary's fingers pinched her nipples, much harder than his respectful caresses before. Arness lost her footing then, held up by the two males squeezed against her.

Fire no longer came in waves but completely engulfed her.

"Ahh!" Arness groaned and gave herself up to her first climax, dark-red and burning hot.

The two men barely paused before they began to send her on to her second trip to ecstasy. She heard their pants mingle with her own, felt their hearts thudding along with her heart as they moved as close as they could to her. Where did one end and the other start? Arness had no idea. She reached out her legs and clamped them around Primary's. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders. Secondary was already draped around her from behind.

She came a second time, short and sharp, before Secondary broke.

"Sorry! Too goooood," he moaned as she felt the first splash of his cum inside.

"Worthless young—" Primary grunted, still hard, still urgent, still pushing hard and strong inside her.

"No. You, too." She gave in, gave permission as her third climax began to overwhelm her. She felt herself clench, felt her whole body spasm.

Her moan was echoed by the male before her. The gush of Primary's seed inside her left her completely drenched. They all fell to the ground as they disentangled, landing together, with Secondary cradling her fall and Primary's large arm heavy between her breasts. Secondary's snore soon rumbled in her ear.

She shut her eyes and dimly was aware of Primary tucking a light blanket about her. Sweet pet. He knew the desert night grew too cold for her, even when their three bodies cradled together. Primary's collar briefly bit into her arm before he resettled himself against her.

She settled her leg over his thigh as she usually did.

"Thank—" she managed before falling into a sound sleep...

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