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The Seduction of Sean NolanThe Seduction of Sean Nolan
Genre: Time Travel
Length: Fling
Wounded and near death, Sean prayed for the thing he wanted most. "Dear God, don’t let me die a virgin."

When Nell appeared, she didn’t look like any angel he’d ever imagined. And she sure as heck didn’t kiss like one. But she might just be the answer to his prayers.

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"The Seduction of Sean Nolan is an erotic take on the 'older woman corrupts virginal male youth' fantasy... The sex scenes sizzle, the romance is incredible... Treva Harte is a name to watch out for in erotic romance."
- Lisa Solway, Pandora's Box

"Don't let the hero's age cause you to miss a good story."
- Sensual Romance

"Be sure to have a cold drink near the computer while enjoying this erotic e-book."
- Debbie Gilbert, Romance Reviews Today

"I read this incredibly erotic novel in about thirty minutes tops. I was simply glued to the pages."
- Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

"THE SEDUCTION OF SEAN NOLAN is an interesting approach to an older woman's lust for a younger man. Although not that many years separate then, Sean is naïve in many ways, especially in the joys of the flesh. Treva Harte definitely knows how to weave hot sex and an intricate plot into a quick read. Only 60 pages, THE SEDUCTION OF SEAN NOLAN is fast-paced and enjoyable. Perfect for stealing a rain afternoon to one's self."
- Sensual Romance, Michele Houston

"I loved everything about this story, and then some. Strong characters, rich history, and a Civil War soldier to sink your teeth into is The Seduction of Sean Nolan."
- Connie, A Romance Review

But before the unique resolution to the story is revealed you are just swept away by the strong sizzling chemistry between Nell and Sean who soon changes from inexperienced into a skillful lover you would like to have for yourself.
- Frauke, Mon Boudoi


Behind the Book

This one will always be a favorite because it’s my first published story. Sean is such a sweetie. Hot, too.


Excerpt from The Seduction of Sean Nolan

© Copyright Treva Harte, 2005

His prayers had been answered. Not in any way he'd expected. The woman in front of him didn't look quite real. She didn't look like a whore, either. He wondered if he had died and this was a ghost or an angel. But she felt real enough when she pressed her hand up against his lips.

She felt real and cool to the touch.

“Well, you're alive and breathing here. Wherever here is. But you're not alive by much,” he heard her say. “This hospital can't be what it looks like it is -- my God. What an awful place.”

“Yes, ma'am,” he whispered.

Her hand touched his face again and he shut his eyes. He could smell perfume and clean skin. Her touch was soft and gentle against his feverish skin. Everything about this dream-woman felt good.

He opened his eyes again. She might feel good, but she looked a little odd. Her brown hair was cut shorter than he'd ever seen a woman's cut before, and she was wearing some baggy things that looked almost like short pants. Women didn't wear pants, so they couldn't be. Her shirt was tight against her body and he could see her breasts. High, pear-shaped breasts that looked like they could fit in his hand. He could see long, white legs.

In fact, now that he thought about it, she didn't look odd. She looked perfect.

“You're in bad shape, mister. But I guess you know that.”

“Yes'm,” he croaked out between parched lips. “Water?”

“You're thirsty, too. Of course. And there isn't any to be had that I can see.” She sighed. “I suppose any water that is around here is crawling with bugs.”

“Yes'm. Most likely.” It hurt to talk, but he wanted her to stay with him. If they talked, she wouldn't vanish.

She looked down and hissed.

“I don't believe this. I have my glass. I wish I hadn't drunk all the tea, but at least I brought along some ice. I hope it won't make you sick. I suppose you can't feel much sicker than you are now --”

His eyes had shut after the effort of talking. He tried to concentrate on what she was saying, but the words swirled around him, sometimes clear, sometimes not. Then he felt something cold and wet on his tongue.

Frozen water. Ice melting against the heat in his mouth.

She was an angel. She had to be. No one else could conjure up ice in this hell.

He let it slide against his tongue and puddle away.

“Try just one ice chip,” she gently whispered. “We'll see how that goes. If that works, we can try another.”

He opened his mouth and moved his head, blindly looking for more.

“Soon. I promise. There's more.”

Her hand stroked him again. Her voice sounded odd, but the ice and the hand felt just right.

The second time she gave him ice, her arm slid under his head and she leaned closer to put the chip against his mouth. He felt her fingers against his lips. Then he felt her breasts up against his chest.

Thank you, Lord . That might not be all he wanted, but that might be all he could handle for now.

If she stayed, he'd be willing to live a little longer.

“Were you hurt anywhere but your leg?”

“No'm. Got a fever, though.”

“Let's hope it's nothing contagious. By the way, my name is Nell. Eleanor, actually. But call me Nell.”


“And you? Since we're getting so cozy here, don't you think you could tell me your name?”


He felt her hands undoing the button at his waistband. His breath caught when he felt her fingers probing the pants fly.

“How do these things come undone, anyhow?”

Her fingers found the covered panel at last. She tugged at the first button.

“This is harder than it looks.”

He believed her.

One button, two, three, the fourth ... Then she began to push the pants down.

Oh, yes. Thank you, Lord . He was feeling weak as a baby, but if the Lord was providing this, then maybe the Lord would give him the strength to do what he'd been wanting to do, to grant him his one last wish.

“What's with these underpants? How does anyone get out of these things?” She unbuttoned the fastening halfway down his muslin drawers.

He still couldn't open his eyes, but he could feel his penis stiffening. No. He wasn't dead. With his pants opened, he knew she could see what was happening to him. He couldn't hide his arousal.

“That's an ugly wound. It needs a doctor.”

“Don't want one of the doctors here.” He managed to say it out loud.

Her hand brushed near his thigh.

“Whoa, Nolan. Maybe you aren't as sick as I thought.” He could hear the smile in her voice, but he didn't want to smile.

He swallowed.

“Please.” He wasn't able to say more.

She gave him more ice. That was good, but not what he wanted now. He could feel himself getting harder as she ran a finger against his leg. The wound was throbbing some, though not as bad as it had been. Something else was starting to hurt now.

“You're stronger than you look, Nolan. But you probably shouldn't even try what it is you want to try.”

“Nell. Please .”

He'd probably offended his angel. Maybe angels didn't do such things. But if there was any chance she would, he had to ask.

“Nell, likely I'm gonna die soon. Please.” He could feel sweat forming. “I want this more'n anything. I've never had anything like this before.”

He was going to lose her.

The silence was long and, even while he knew she was angry and going to leave, he felt his erection getting harder yet.

Maybe she wouldn't leave. After all, she was still here now. Maybe she'd have mercy on him before she left.

Nell hesitated.

His silent desperation was making her feel surprisingly responsive. She could feel just the beginnings of a sexual ache start in her cunt. Nell had only admitted this to herself, but she'd always fantasized about Civil War soldiers.

Of course, it didn't hurt that this one was young and stared at her as if she were some kind of goddess. Or that he had an amazingly large cock. She wondered how responsive that cock would be.

Then again, he was filthy. But of course, none of this could be real. This was just a hot dream. Why not make this un-real man, who was so ready for her, happy? Why not make herself happy? She hadn't been with a man in a long time and she missed the feel of it.

“I -- Here.” Her hand was soft but stronger than he'd thought.

When her fingers first grasped his shaft, he opened his eyes. Then he gasped. Her hands were over him, stroking him harder and then harder yet. He watched her fingers tickling at the head of his penis and his erection jerked.

He hadn't ever thought of this. He hadn't known to think of this.

“I'll be gentle, Nolan. I don't want to hurt you.”

“Do whatever -- you want. Nell.” He managed to say it through surges of intense pleasure.

This would be a good way to die. The hospital was dark. It was night. No one would see them here. If he could just stay quiet so no one would come --

“You're so beautiful.” He gasped the words, feeling dizzy.

That should be enough. He knew her touch ought to be, but he couldn't help himself. He didn't even know why he did it, but he reached out to grab her hair and pull her closer.

He felt her hesitate again.

Then he felt a mouth cover him and wrap around his penis. He'd never thought of this before, either, never knew a woman would put her mouth there .

The first touch was soft. That didn't matter. Her mouth felt so good. He moaned, then threw a hand over his mouth and bit into his fingers. No one must hear. No one must show up and stop her --

He felt her tongue stroking where her fingers had been before. Every time he thought no sensation could be better than the one she just sent through him, she found something better yet to do to him. He began to shudder.

He tried to force himself to wait, to withdraw. If he was going to die now, he wanted the last pleasure he had on earth to last longer than this.

But Nell's mouth had turned from soft to greedy. He could hear the sucking sounds it made and he moaned again against his hand. He shuddered harder, and still he forced himself to wait. Then her fingers began to work in partnership with her mouth. He felt the stroking against his scrotum and he knew he couldn't last anymore.

This might not be exactly what he'd wanted, but it was plenty good enough. Still, he tried to protest. He took the hand from his mouth.

“But I want you. I want to be in you!”

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