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Nicely NaughtyNicely Naughty
Genre: Paranormal; Vamps & Weres
Length: Anthology
Twelve Nights of Christmas by Treva Harte A younger man literally falls for an older woman. Straight out of a tree. When a snowstorm strands them in her home, not even his concussion can keep ‘things’ from happening a little too fast for comfort.

Jingle’s Belle by Lani Aames A Christmas elf who has never fit in draws a special assignment to revive a human woman’s Christmas spirit. He has just a week to help her believe, and it’s going to take all of his skill and more than a little extra-special Christmas ‘magic’.

Santa Claws by MaryJanice Davidson One wicked Wyndham werewolf on the prowl for a mate. One mouthy, plump American in a Salvation Army suit who smells of ripe peaches and has eyes of the color of Godiva chocolate. After he rescues her from oysters gone bad, she promises to stay the night. He wants her to stay forever.

Nicely Naughty is a revised and reedited version of the previous release Naughty or Nice.

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"...a great anthology. The stories are fun, the Christmas season is always well-represented, and each of these stories has a little something that really catches your interest. One great anthology, three great reads."
- Ann Leveille for Sensual Romance

"Three erotic stories to spice up Christmas!"
- Sime~Gen, Inc.

"Make room on your must-read-Christmas.... It's not to be missed."
- Ayden Delacroix, In the Library

"...three well-written, erotic love stories."
- Marlene Breakfield, Escape to Romance

Recommended Read
"Red Hot! Explosive! Those are a few words to describe Ms. Harte’s Twelve Nights of Christmas. The sexual foreplay between Rome and Mari was extremely stimulating and passionate. I applaud Ms. Harte for a superb job of holding my interest with Rome and Mari. I was very eager to see how Rome and Mari would overcome the obstacles that where thrown in their path."
- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

Behind the Book

“The Twelve Nights of Christmas” - I wanted to create a story that was long on foreplay…then I came up with WHY the hero and heroine couldn’t just jump into bed.


Excerpt from Twelve Nights of Christmas

© Copyright Treva Harte, 2004

"People do pay me for what I create with computers." Rome looked at her. "Don't tell me you haven't heard something about me in town."

"Just a little. Just today." She smiled again. "I hoped you might offer some expertise."

"Darling, I can offer all kinds of expertise." He stopped talking. Rome knew he was implying more than he could safely promise.

But his body was damn near humming with anticipation. And Mari didn't seem either angry or afraid. This might be the right time. Rome tried breathing through his nose, deeply. Now or never.

"Um ... excuse me." He saw Mari staring as he bolted out of the kitchen. But if he could just get his hand on one, just one, of those damn manuals he'd bought, he could kick things off with some confidence. And maybe not pass out.

* * * * *

What had she done? Mari stood up and turned the squealing tea kettle off. One minute, he had been standing over her, giving her goosebumps with how intent he seemed, and the next, he had charged out of the room like she had rabies.

Mari poured the hot chocolate mix into the mugs and carefully stirred the hot water in. He didn't like people to ask about his work with computers? She still didn't know what he did. Had she been too obvious when she sat there, waiting for him? Mari made a face at her flannel robe. Maybe she hadn't been obvious enough? There was no nightgown underneath her bathrobe, but they hadn't gotten far enough for Rome to see that. Now it was too cold to strip down unless she was under the covers with some extra male body warmth. And there was no extra male body warmth in sight.

Mari lingeringly drank the hot chocolate. She finished the mug and put it down a bit forcefully on the kitchen counter. Fine. She'd leave. She wasn't going to bother to clean up after. Let there be sticky hot chocolate around. Let there be dark rings left on the counter. Rome didn't care. To hell with --

"Marigold?" The voice was a little hoarse.

He was back but he was too late. Now she was ready to kill.

"What?" she asked, not too pleasantly. "Your chocolate is cold."

"But I'm not." Rome walked toward her, his eyes fixed on hers. He put his hands on her shoulders. "Just tell me if I do anything you don't like. Please."

He bent down and began to nuzzle at the V of her robe. The robe parted easily.

"What?" she asked again, stunned.

"Because I want to do everything to you. Anything. Anything you want." She walked backward, wondering if this was another one of her dreams. She'd been dreaming of Rome a lot. He followed her, stopping her flight so that his tongue could flick at her breasts and nipples, his breathing harsh in the quiet kitchen. She let her head fall back for a moment, savoring the pleasure, and then took another step back.

The hard chair that she fell into, making her sit down abruptly, felt real.

Rome smiled at her. She thought the smile looked a little strained but didn't have time to think anything more when he got down on his knees before her and pushed the robe even further aside.

Thank God she hadn't worn anything underneath. His tongue was lapping against her thighs, up higher and higher yet. She squirmed. He hadn't even gotten close yet, and Mari heard herself let out one little whimper.

He looked up then, startled.

"Is it all right?"

"Not yet." Mari spread open those lips that were dying for attention. His eyes rested on them as if he couldn't stop. "But if you keep going, it will be."

"OK." That wasn't eloquent, but soon he was using his tongue very effectively. He was at first tentative, as if to see what she wanted. Mari forgot restraint and pride. She'd been burning up for this man for days. She told him in whimpers and gestures and sometimes words. Rome soon stopped being tentative.

Yes. His tongue was hot against her cunt, and she could feel her wetness mingling with his tongue's. Sensations danced from her clit and twisted up into the rest of her body. When had she last felt this way? It had been so long, too long. She needed ...

His teeth tugged a little, making her shudder.

"I need more!" Mari wailed, knowing she was near shattering but not close enough. "Please! Oh, Rome, please come inside!"

He hesitated again, looking up, his eyes dilated almost the way she'd feared they might be when she checked him that first night.

"Oh, God! I'm not going to hurt you, am I?" Mari asked almost incoherently. "I have to feel you; I need you to fill me --"

When had she begged like this? She must have a long time ago, before Chet told her he didn't want a slut but a wife. Rome's finger brushed against her clit while he seemed to ponder whether she'd pleaded enough for her release.

"I want your cock, Rome. In me, stretching me ... I can't come until I feel it!" Mari wailed in earnest.

"No, Mari. Not yet. But I'll take care of it --"

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