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Tying the KnotTying the Knot
Length: Fling
Laurie’s best friend, Mike, is getting married. She should be happy for him. But she hates the bride.

She didn’t want to go the wedding at all. Now, with the rehearsal just hours away, she’s been left all tied up and alone in a hotel room with no way to call for help.

What happens when Mike finds her, neither of them could have expected.

Will he still go through with Tying the Knot?

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Excerpt from Tying the Knot

© Copyright Treva Harte, 2004

Mike walked down the hall, feeling ready to punch a wall. If he ever found out who’d done this to Laurie he’d — He stared down at his clenched fist, feeling strange all around.

He was some kind of pervert. Had to be. Maybe it came from being engaged to Elizabeth and playing some of her bedroom games. But when he saw Laurie tied up… Shit. His first thought had been how incredibly hot she looked while bound.

That was sick. That was like sneaking a peek at your sister. For years he’d conveniently ignored what a great body Laurie had. You can’t stay just pals with someone who was that built unless you thought of her as a sister or one of the guys. He preferred to think of her the way she was in high school. Before she filled out, she kinda had looked like one of the guys. One that played basketball straight out, was loyal to her friends and always around when you had girlfriend problems or work problems or ju…

Laurie was a good buddy.

A good buddy with damn great breasts. A great buddy who looked like some kind of carnal offering all spread out on that bed…

Shit. He had to stop that.

He hadn’t wanted to stop touching her. He’d wanted to see if she was wet and wanting him. If he only could have taken that robe off completely he would have dived on…

Stop it, you horny idiot.

Mike stood outside the reception hall and took a deep breath. Everyone else was inside. Elizabeth would be inside.

Elizabeth would be furious. She always got way too anxious about everything running like clockwork and she’d been worse than usual now that the wedding was so close.

Mike hid a grin. She’d take out her frustration in bed tonight, like always. He’d never been with any woman who was so good in the sack. All he had to do was be there for the ride. She did all the rest and then some.

Damn, tonight maybe he’d work out a few frustrations too. Not that she’d let him tie her up and —

What the hell was wrong with him? He was getting married tomorrow. Fantasizing about Laurie was just plain wrong and he was going to forget about his nasty little ideas. Starting now.

He walked hastily through the door. Elizabeth was sitting at the table where he’d left her. She looked perfect — glossy brown hair, tailored suit, make up in place. Elizabeth always looked perfect.

“So?” Elizabeth had that pinched look between her eyebrows that meant she was annoyed. “You’re terribly late.”

“Couldn’t help it, dear.” Mike didn’t try for a kiss. “Laurie was in trouble.”

His fiancée let out an annoyed huff of air.

“Someone had hit her on the head and tied her up in her hotel room. She was lucky I went to check on her.”

“Well, is she going to show up?”

“The police are with her now. I tried to get her to see a doctor but she wouldn’t.” Mike kept his voice calm.

Elizabeth drummed her neatly manicured fingers on the table, but didn’t say anything.

“We’ll just have to move on without her. Honestly, I only had her be a bridesmaid because you insisted.” Elizabeth shut her mouth tightly and stood up. “Everyone, we might as well start the rehearsal.”

Did he need someone who called all the shots? Someone who made sure the world revolved around her? Maybe he wanted to decide things. Maybe he wanted someone who let herself trust him enough to be helpless. Just for a while. Just because they’d both like it.

He bet he could make Laurie scream. Elizabeth only screamed when she didn’t get her way. God, if Laurie was tied up he’d make sure she got what she wanted…eventually.

Mike swallowed. Laurie.

His cock twitched at the thought.


He was hard and hot and in trouble. Now what did he do about it?

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