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Recently Released: Inside Out 2: Inside Daniel
Genre:LGBT Contemporary
Length: Novella
Series: Inside Out

Max is ecstatic. He finally has the summer to actually live with Daniel instead of only visiting on weekends. But when he tells Daniel the good news, he can tell something is wrong. Daniel is closing up on him again.

Daniel loves Max desperately. He just knows he's not the right guy for a not-quite-kid who still hero worships him because he was his brother's best friend. Daniel has way too much baggage in his past to keep Max around. To add to all the things Daniel doesn't want to tell Max, he's found out he may be losing his job soon. He can't ask Max to stay with someone like that.

Max doesn't care about Daniel's past or his job; he cares about Daniel. So, if he wants to keep his lover, Max is going to have to get inside Daniel and heal him from the inside out.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

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Behind the Book

I'd planned to write a sequel to Maxxed Out, the first book in the series, especially because apparently I left a lot of questions readers wanted to know. That meant it was Daniel's turn to let the spotlight focus on him.

And Daniel, although he doesn't like to answer questions or talk much, is reliable. He wouldn't want to upset people he cares about, so he was willing to let me check into his brain for a little while to write that second story. Sequels are hard for me to write -- each time I write one I'm closer to finishing up a world instead of leaving some loose ends for readers to follow. This sequel wasn't as difficult as usual because I like these guys and they had a lot of relationship still to explore.


I loved how Max's love for Daniel never fails even when he has to deal with Daniel's moody and secretive behavior. The love between them was obvious in each of their actions to protect and fight for their love. If you missed it you have to read Maxxed Out too.
-Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

Excerpt from Maxxed Out

“What did you say?”

My hand was on someone else’s hardening cock, and my cock was bumping against the crack of that someone else’s ass. Yeah. My brain hadn’t fully caught up with my body, but my cock was hoping to get lucky. In other words, I was waking up with someone in my bed. I wasn’t actually processing anything but warm body until he spoke. But the confusion in his voice sped up my thoughts.

“Huh?” I said it very distinctly. Good job, Daniel. Soon I’d be able to do an actual word.

“You said something I didn’t understand.”

When the guy you’ve slept with all night says that, it usually triggers alarm bells. Especially when you have no clue what you muttered. I opened my eyes to a sexy young guy who was staring back at me. My sleepy brain cleared slightly. This guy wasn’t a hit and run. Hell no.

Max. Looking at him made me want to keep my eyes open so I could see more. It also made me want that body of his back again, tight against me.

“What’d I say?”

Max sighed and wiggled so his ass wasn’t as temptingly near. Damn it, even when I was wide awake—which was starting to happen—I wasn’t the smoothest talker. But this time it looked like I had messed up a chance for a morning quickie. Damn it.

“Not helpful, Daniel. It sounded like bonabueno…Matt something. Caress.”

Something about Matt? What the hell? More faint alarm warnings tickled my nerves. Then the light bulb went on.

“Italian? I was speaking in Italian?”

“I guess.”

Buona mattina, carissimo.” I sucked in my breath.

“What does it mean?”

No way in hell was I going to tell him exactly. It was too embarrassing to admit in English. At least first thing in the morning.

I cleared my throat and tried to clear my head. “It means good morning and where the hell is the coffee?”

“I guess Italian is a true romance language. It sounded prettier the way you said it first.” Max stretched and scratched his balls. “You spoke in Italian a lot more when you were a teenager.”

I didn’t like to remember how awkward I’d been. Back then I was too big, too clumsy, and liable to lapse into my grandparents’ language of choice whenever I felt too big and clumsy.

Rather than talk, I leaned over and bit the tendon of Max’s shoulder. I knew what that did to him. He shuddered and sank back into the bed, facing me, but with his ass lifted up, his knees braced against his chest to give me a better look.

I didn’t even think about what I was doing when I smacked that tempting ass. But Max’s reaction was a sight to behold. His cock stiffened so fast it was a wonder it didn’t get whiplash. Apparently he liked that. A lot. Good to know.

My quickie had been rescued.

From habit my hand fell on the lube and the condom in the drawer. I was suited and pushing into that tight little hole of his before my next breath. I shut my eyes again, but this was just to enjoy the sensations more. I’d take it slow. Jesus, it felt good. Every time I pushed in, I remembered I was the only one who’d been there, the only one to feel this heat and to hear the little gasps Max made when I moved.

The only one to dig my fingers into his skin and begin to ride him, to watch him buck and grab for the sheets below me…to watch him move against the bed as the tempo of our bodies began to pick up speed.

To gasp and fill him completely and then watch as his mouth opened while he groaned and clenched and his body tightened. To know he was starting to come under me, moving and groaning, grinding against me. To have the squeeze of his ass push me into coming, make me shudder too. To hear him give that last whimpering groan and shoot cum, spattering over us both.

I fell next to him and laid my forehead against his heated, sweaty skin while we panted together. Fuck. It had been faster than I wanted but still very, very good.

“And good morning to you, lover,” Max said, his voice almost back to normal.

I jerked in surprise. He’d come close to what I’d actually said in Italian. That momentary lapse was just long enough for Max to get free of my arms and the tangle of bed covers.

Max twisted himself out of bed with some kind of wriggling hop that only he could do. He grinned at me. I looked at that untidy hair and that smile and wished to God I’d managed to keep him back in bed with me even if I wasn’t sure I had anything left to fuck with.

“I’ll scramble eggs. I’m starving! You got any cheese?”

“I bought extra for you yesterday. Figured you’d want some.”

Feeding Max was expensive. Of course, since I’d started sleeping with him, I wasn’t out at bars as much trying to get drunk and laid. Trying to get laid? Jesus, nowadays I wouldn’t be able to have more sex even if I wanted to. The kid drained me whenever he was around. So it probably all evened out. Less beer away from home, more feeding and fucking Max at home.

I propped myself up on one elbow to watch him pad around naked. My Max was tall and dark blond and impossibly young. He also had a hell of a nice ass—one that had the unmistakable smear of my mark on it. Very nasty. Very sexy. He grinned at me again when he saw where I was looking and walked over to get a washcloth. I swallowed.

Who was I trying to kid? Giving him breakfast didn’t count as a problem. Max was worth anything I had to give.

Anything, as long as he wanted to stick around.

I swung myself out of bed and winced when my foot hit the floor. Staying in bed with Max was always the best. Sometimes me and the ground didn’t connect so well once I was out of bed. I rubbed my leg. It was an old wound, one I should be used to. But sometimes it still surprised me that I couldn’t be the old Daniel.

Max was humming and doing some weird hip-hop move as he headed for the kitchen. Or maybe it was just Max being Max. He was always crackling with energy.

“Hey, Daniel!”

I grunted. A weekend shift at the ER followed by sex with a newly returned Max could take it out of you. And I needed coffee bad.

“Daniel! Daniel, hey!”

“Yeah?” Max wasn’t about to let up until I responded. We both knew it.

“Next month is summer vacation.”

“Must be nice to have one.” I decided I better have coffee before I said anything more. From the way Max stiffened, I must’ve said the wrong thing, and I wasn’t even sure what it was.

I started the coffeemaker up and listened to the buzz of Max chattering in the background. Something about summer and dorm and jobs. Max always had about fifty words for my one. I’d put my one word in after the caffeine hit me.

When it was finally ready and I poured myself the first cup—black because I didn’t have time to wait—I suddenly realized there was no Max buzz in the kitchen.

Silence was usually bad.

“What?” I looked up from my first sip of coffee. Max was staring at me like I’d told him I was an ax murderer. “What?”

“Nothing.” Max bit off the words.

Moody fucker. It was something and he wasn’t going to tell me. I took another sip and tried to reconstruct what Max had been saying.

“…if I got a job in Richmond over the summer, I’d have to pay for a dorm or some place to live…” Check.

“…I think I can get a better job here than waiting tables because, face it, I suck at waiting tables. I’d have to pay for so many broken dishes that I’d never make enough to swing expenses for next year…”

Check. That made sense. Max was a klutz.

“…of course staying with Mom and Dad if I’m here isn’t the ideal, but unless I had a roommate, I couldn’t make any money staying anywhere else…”

Oh. Oh hell. I was an idiot.

“Max, you want to stay with me over the summer?”

Max’s face lit up. “I’d love to stay with you over the summer! I thought you’d never pick up the hint, Daniel. Shit. You’d think you didn’t want me to stick around.”

I didn’t have the heart to say that it had been a question, not an invitation. Because although I’d love to have him stay, I wasn’t so sure Max as my roomie was such a great idea.

In fact if I didn’t love sex with him and, well, love him, it would be the worst idea ever.

I sighed into my coffee cup and hoped Max didn’t hear. Maybe it was a bad idea especially because I loved him. I wasn’t the best company anyhow, but last night had really kicked my ass.

I’d been exhausted and not too happy when I was told I needed to go to HR after my last shift. I only worked weekends, but that was because my leg told me that was as much as I could handle. The extra shift I pulled, taking me into Monday morning, had cost me some lost Max time and whatever stamina I had.

HR hadn’t made me feel any happier. After we sorted through the director’s opening crap and got to what he was being paid to say, I realized my job wasn’t looking too solid. Part-time positions were always the ones they cut first. It wasn’t personal, and they certainly didn’t want me to go. I should consider trying for a full-time administrative position—one at a desk—in one of the other departments.

Yeah, yeah. Like it was easy for me to find something else that would work. I needed to make money, I hated doing paperwork, and I had to keep off the damned leg. For all his nice words and his careful tap dancing—I knew no one wanted to say they’d fire a disabled vet—he was out to make it impossible for me to work at the hospital. It had taken me long enough to find my current job. Being an ER tech part-time wasn’t perfect, but I’d known I could do it.

So I didn’t know how long I’d have an apartment to share with Max. But I didn’t want to tell him that. He’d be upset and helpful—and pushy. I’d probably snarl and retreat. I could see the scene played out in my head, including the part where Max finally figured out I wasn’t worth the effort and let me go.

I sucked down the last of my coffee, sorry I was more awake.

© Treva Harte, June 2011
All Rights Reserved

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