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Stay Hunted Down
Series: Alpha
Genre: LGBT Werewolf Paranormal
Length: Halloween Treat
Dunne has always wanted his Alpha more than Hunt, the head of his pack, wanted him. Dunne could live with that. But he can’t live with Hunt’s latest fetish…at least not until Hunt convinces him otherwise. And when he does, it’s a real Halloween treat.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements that may be objectionable to some readers: m/m sex practices.

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“In this very short erotic tale involving Dunne and Hunt we get to learn a little more about the men who first showed up in the previous book of this series. Alpha: Hunted Down is full of erotic moments and gives great insight to the relationship that Dunne and Hunt share. However, be warned that this tale is grittier than the previous books in the series but be prepared for lava hot sex seasoned with a little D/s.”
— Bella, Two Lips Review

“This story is very hot and very well written. Highly recommended for lovers of M/M erotica.”
—Dakota Rebel, Sensual Reads and Review

“Hunted Down is good, but I strongly suggest reading the prior books in the series for character familiarity.  I also will be taking my own advice.  Hunted Down planted a seed of curiosity regarding the prior books in the Alpha Series.”
— Ley, Joyfully Reviewed

Behind the Book

Dunne and Hunt have been wanting a story of their own but I’ve been too busy to do a larger story…at least yet. They said they’d be happy for now with this snack. It’s my first all m/m story, too!

Excerpt from Hunted Down

© Copyright Treva Harte, 2007

Dunne wasn’t sure when he’d first realized that his insatiable itch for sex had changed. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be fucked. Far from it. But he’d gradually realized his itch was only satisfied -- at least temporarily -- by one particular were. And since Hunt wasn’t nearly as particular about his sex partners as Dunne had become, that was just plain embarrassing.

“If you don’t feel like participating, I guess just turning the computer on to watch the outsider weres fuck could be a nice substitute. Since you’re getting older and all, it’s probably less exhausting.” Dunne couldn’t leave it alone. What did surveillance cameras pick up that made Hunt order more outtakes each week? Sure, Rome and Mia and Grey were a threesome. Sure, Dek and Lowell and Lin and the rest probably screwed like -- well, like weres. But what did they have that Hunt’s own pack couldn’t offer? What the hell was it that Dunne lacked?

“You’re not going to let this go, are you? All right, then.” Hunt sighed and stood up. “Pull your pants down, boy. I see it’s time for a lesson.”


Dunne’s hands moved before he thought. It had been days since they’d been together. For a moment he remembered he was going hold out on principle and not make it easy on Hunt -- to hell with principles, especially ones that only he seemed to have. By now he’d take anything Hunt was willing to give.

Dunne turned, trying not to fumble with his belt as he obeyed. He could hear Hunt unzipping his own pants, but Dunne knew better than to look around. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see Hunt’s cock, full and erect, ready to plow into his more-than-willing asshole. Not at all. That erect cock was a sight to worship while on bended knees.

But when Hunt said it was lesson time, Dunne knew to keep his eyes and his pants down until Hunt told him differently. Hunt was Alpha. Hunt was boss. Just the idea made Dunne’s cock twitch.

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