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The DeviantsThe Deviants Vol. 1-3
Genre:Science Fiction, Fantasy
Length: Novel

Be careful what you say.

“I wish men lived on another planet!”

Tory wasn’t thinking when she blurted out those words to a strange woman at a bar. Now she’s in Femmeland, a planet where all the inhabitants are female and where heterosexuals are considered deviants.

Be careful what you think.

Tory wouldn’t mind indulging in a little deviancy if she could just find herself a male of the same mind. Captain Aric of Androvia, a virgin male, has a secret that could ruin his military career: Aric adores women.

The world as they know it is about to change.

Welcome to the hilarious and erotic world of Aric & Tory... The Deviants.

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"Treva Harte is a wonderful writer who not only brings light and humor to her characters but hot, steamy sex that will keep you turning page after page."
- Paula Beaty, Romance Review Spot

"...an erotic, sexy and fun adventure."
-Charlene Smith, Sime~Gen, Inc. (Rated 5 stars from Sime~Gen!)

"I love a completely outlandish plot, and all the unique ways this author finds to create startling images and thought provoking concepts. A great ride from beginning to end is what you’ll get from The Deviants!"
- Connie, A Romance Review

"Treva has done it, again. She's written a story with both erotic content and a story of adventure and love. All the characters are well written and believable, even in this altered world."
- Timeless Tales, Irene Marshall

"Ms. Harte leaves you wanting more...and more..."
- Debi Sullivan, The Romance Studio

Changing The Odds, The Deviants: Books 2

Separate Worlds

Dag is determined to keep his incredibly sexy body to himself. You can't do that too often in Androvia, or you end up battered and left for dead in Femmeland.

Powerful Enemies

Dag's made some powerful enemies in Androvia. Right now Femmeland doesn't sound as bad as going home, especially since he's met Rhoanna. She's convinced him that he doesn't really want to keep his body to himself after all. Getting caught, however, could mean exile or worse. But these lovers are... Changing The Odds.


"Loved the humor in this one."
- Sensual Romance

"Multi-layered characters, and an attention grabbing plot, are what makes CHANGING THE ODDS wonderful. I can't wait to read the third in the series, WORLD ENOUGH, which tells Faye's story and introduces us to Edmond."
- The Word On Romance

"Ms. Harte continues to delight us with her humor and twists and turns in DEVIANTS: CHANGING THE ODDS."
- Debi Sullivan, The Romance Studio

World Enough, The Deviants: Books 3

Edmond Jarvish relishes a good challenge. No other solicitor would take on his upcoming court battle. No other solicitor could. But Edmond realizes more than his reputation is at stake when he makes the discovery of a lifetime. Respected solicitor Edmond Jarvish is a deviant. Worse yet, he's fallen in love with his client. Now he prays he's as good as his reputation because... The punishment for treason is death.


"An excellent addition to the series."
- Sensual Romance

"Insecure, vulnerable, strong and smart, a fine cast of many, blends with the ease and grace Ms. Harte is known for! I grinned from ear to ear throughout this book, and wiped a tear away at the end when my adventure in Femmeland was over. Then I consoled myself by remembering, there are more of Ms. Harte's work I have yet to discover!"
- Connie, A Romance Review

"For those who have been following the tales. . . it is a great wind-up to the changes that began with Tory's arrival on Tierra in THE DEVIANTS."
- Ann Leveille, Sensual Romance

"Ms. Harte keeps the heat on with the sexy and sensual descriptions she writes."
- Debi Sullivan, The Romance Studio

Behind the Series

I had lots and lots of fun with my first book, The Deviants. I was amused with my own concept and I think it showed in the story. The second book came out around 9/11 and it was harder to be amused, though I think it’s still a funny book. By the third book I had all these things to work out from the previous books and STILL be funny, plus I had a heroine who had been bad through the previous two books. I did create a hero with very “special” ways to make the heroine happy, though. I’m glad people still enjoyed all three books but I discovered doing a series is hard work. Being a glutton for punishment, I still have some ideas in the back of my mind for a fourth story someday. Maybe.


Excerpt from The Deviants

© Copyright Treva Harte, 2001

Chapter One

“Cheryl, I swear I’d be really happy if men were just swept up and sent to another planet.” Tory stared down at her glass of beer. Two other women at the bar overheard her and giggled. Tory lowered her voice. “I mean, this is the final humiliation. Can you believe that Jeff was lying to me? Jeff!”

“Well, we always said he was too good to be true.” Cheryl signaled the waitress for another tonic water.

“Yeah, but I didn’t mean it that way. I mean, I believed he was in love with me and that he was going to get around to asking me to marry him in a few weeks or so and—” Tory put her chin in her hands. “Well, I just did. Then I find out he’s been hot for some little clerk in his own office the entire time. He used me! He used me to make her jealous.”

“I don’t hear you saying you’re broken-hearted about the whole thing, though.” Cheryl didn’t sound too concerned. Then again they’d known each other a long time.

“Well, I ought to be.”


“Jeff may be the last heterosexual single male on the planet who seriously wanted me. I mean, who I thought seriously wanted me. I was working up an interest in him.” Tory tried not to sound defensive.

“Oh yeah. I could tell.”

“I was.”

“Don’t strain yourself.” Cheryl looked at her knowingly.

Tory began to laugh.

“I do love you, Cheryl. It’s too bad I can’t change my sexual preference. You’d be a great partner. You’ve got it all—you’re good-looking, you and I can talk together about anything . . .”

She grinned. “I’m six months’ pregnant with my husband’s child,” Cheryl reminded her. “My hormones may be out of whack, but this really wouldn’t be the time to turn to an alternative lifestyle.”

The two of them laughed. Cheryl patted Victoria on the shoulder. “You’re gorgeous. I’d kill to have that strawberry blonde hair of yours. Plus you have a great job and a good sense of humor. Don’t worry. You’ll meet the perfect guy for you.”

Tory smiled but wondered how often Cheryl had repeated that mantra to her over the years. She used to say the same thing to Cheryl once upon a time. But Cheryl had made it happen for herself years ago. Tory was twenty-eight and figured things were definitely not going according to plan.

“Listen I already kept you and the baby up late enough. Why don’t we call it a night?” Tory put some money down for a tip and Cheryl carefully got up from the barstool.

“My back is killing me, I must admit.” Cheryl rubbed it as they walked to the door.

They got to the little parking lot outside and Cheryl got into her Camry. Tory sighed. Cheryl even had a married woman’s car. She waved to her friend as she left the parking lot and then took her car keys and walked over to her Cabrio.

Tory looked at the car. She’d bought the Cabrio to make a statement. It stated she was single. Single women bought cute little convertible cars. Was that the right statement to make? She didn’t know any more. It didn’t seem to be getting her much in the way of action.

The two giggling women from the bar walked out into the parking lot behind her. Victoria put her keys in the car door and decided there was something wrong in the world when all these women couldn’t find dates for a Friday night.

“And we’re not the ones wrong. It’s men,” Tory said out loud.

One of the pair walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” The woman spoke English perfectly – maybe just a little too perfectly. She didn’t sound American. “We seem to be lost. Could you point us in the right direction on our map?”

The other woman held up her map, looking confused.

They were nice-looking women. She’d noticed them at the bar, sitting next to Cheryl. One was tall and blonde, the other petite and brown-haired. Tory decided to feel sorry for them as well. After all, they were as alone as she was on a date night. Any man ought to want them, she thought with a glower. In fact, he ought to want all of them.

Her eyes narrowed. Or at least there should be one man for each woman.

Yeah. That was it.

“Sure, I can probably help.” Tory walked toward them. “Where do you need to go?”

She felt a sharp prick in her arm and looked down. Was that a needle? Before she could figure it out she saw nothing but blackness and could feel herself pitching forward…

* * *

“Thank Zorah! She isn’t dead!” Tory heard a female voice say above her.

“Of course not, Mitzi. You always worry needlessly.” Another female voice said that. The voice sounded relieved, despite the words.

“Well we didn’t know how this one would react to the drugs. She isn’t one of us.” Mitzi’s voice sounded a little fretful then.

“She’s female, isn’t she? She’ll become one of us.”

“That remains to be seen, Amma.” Mitzi didn’t sound reassured.

“Nonsense. How could she prefer that land of hers? It’s a barbaric place.” Hands began to gently bathe Tory’s face with a wet cloth.

“Here now. Tory, isn’t it? Time to wake up now,” Amma told her.

“My arm hurts,” Tory grumbled, her mind groggy. “My head too.” She wasn’t sure if she should do what this Amma wanted, especially since it appeared the two of them had drugged her, but she didn’t know what else to do.

She glanced back and forth between the two women suspiciously. It also didn’t seem to be the right time or place to inform them that her real name was Victoria.

“I’m afraid the arm is a bit bruised. Amma was a little too enthusiastic when she jabbed you,” Mitzi told her. “And when you toppled over, you hit your head before we could cushion the fall. I am sorry.”

Tory opened her eyes then. Mitzi was the woman with the odd voice who had asked her for directions. The petite, fragile-looking one. Damn. They’d seemed so nice, too.

“Why did you do this to me?” Tory burst out. “I’ve never done anything to you. Did you rob me?” she ground out. “I don’t think I have more than twenty dollars with me. This doesn’t make any sense!”

She winced from the sound of her own yelling. Mitzi’s face crumpled at the noise too.

“Hey, don’t shout at her.” Amma wound her arm around Mitzi’s waist and glared down at Tory. “We did you a favor. After all, you asked for it.”

“I asked for it!” Tory’s voice rose again. “That’s what men have told women for years to justify horrible things. Now I have two women telling me the same thing! I didn’t ask for you to do anything.”

Mitzi whimpered and hid her head on Amma’s shoulder.

“But you did.” Amma patted Mitzi on the back. “You said you wanted men on another planet. Well, welcome to Tierra. Everything here is just the way you wanted it to be.”

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