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The Superstars Nanny
Multicultural, Menage & Polyamory, Contemporary
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Stay Desire Island
A gateway to the heart’s deepest desire,
To passion’s heat, to love.
The wind-tossed sign at the front gate always reads “Vacancy.”

Stephanie Burke: Take Me With You
Lost in a futuristic desert, Gray finds himself surrounded by his worst nightmares and falling for an exotic creature who stirs up memories of his dark past. Gray will stop at nothing to ignite a passion that will unite their souls as one.

Treva Harte: Reflections
The perfect trophy wife. Mason’s given Lilli everything she’s asked for. And she’s given him—everything. Now her mirror shows her a truth she’d rather not see. And is the hunk who beckons to her from another life in her past, or is he her future?

Shelby Morgen: The Summoning
A spell so powerful—and dangerous— its use is forbidden. Welcome to Earth 2456. Marylin accidentally steps into a future that’s not her own. Roanen appears to be the fulfillment of Marylin’s every sexual fantasy, but are the visions that haunt her memories of past lives and past loves...or mistakes she’s doomed to repeat?

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“Hot, scorching and erotic describes Lilli and Harry’s relationship. Their encounters are so hot and descriptive that readers will be squirming for relief. Transported through time Lilli finds herself as a Mistress to the lover that has haunted her in the antique mirror she purchased. The relationship that develops between the two is a battle of terms in the bedroom where both experience submission and domination that lead to love and trust.”
—Sinful Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

Behind the Book

I wrote this a long time ago as a closely intertwined anthology with some of my good buds, Shelby Morgen and Stephanie Burke. Well, and Kate Douglas, but she went and sold her story elsewhere. However the rest of us are baaaack. In Reflections my bad boy hero really needed a spanking. So he got one. And some other stuff happened, too.