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Recently Released:Cole For Christmas
Genre:Contemporary Menage
Length: Short Novel

Cole wanted two things for Christmas - his best friend, Sarah and his new dom, Jeff. Since neither of them liked to share their toys he had no idea that Jeff would be willing to give Sarah a special Christmas present…him. But was Cole supposed to be returned after the holidays?

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Behind the Book

This was one of those stories where I got the title first and then had to write a story around it. How and why would someone get a guy named Cole for Christmas? Why just for Christmas? And what would happen when the holiday was over?


This is a first book for me by Ms. Harte. I'm surprised I haven't read her earlier. I like her writing style, smooth and silky. I sped through this story in one quick reading and wanted more. I recommend this book to SugarKink lovers who enjoy a hot ménage.

--Book Addict
, The Romance Reviews

Cole for Christmas by Treva Harte is a satisfying BDSM romance. I enjoyed reading about Jeff, Cole and Sarah. They were great characters and each of them had room to grow and something to learn. I had never read anything by Treva Harte before but I will be looking for more of her books in the future.

Sizzling Hot Books

While the guy on guy action was super hot, it was the scenes that included Sarah that were the most erotic. The way the two men became like horny teenagers when
they touched her was delicious, especially Jeff’s older, dominant character. All in all, Cole for Christmas is a light and sexy look at the BDSM lifestyle, with nothing too hardcore or particularly unique, but very hot nonetheless.

Silla Beaumont,


An Excerpt from Treva Harte's Cole For Christmas

Cole woke up, his ass and nipples stinging, just enough to make him realize his mind was fuzzy, and he was horny. Recovering from intense sex took him time. He wouldn't mind a few more hours of cocooning under the covers, maybe with Jeff beside him, coaxing him into more. A little coffee, a little rev-up sex.

The dip in the mattress told him Jeff was there. Cole smiled, his eyes still closed. His wish was coming true. He turned his head slightly to let Jeff kiss him.

"Wake up, boy. Company." Jeff's lips brushed his mouth, which gave Cole just enough time to think about his man's words before Cole burrowed back into sleep.

"Company?" Cole opened his eyes at the promise in Jeff's voice. Here and now? Jeff wasn't into threesomes that often. "Yeah?"

"Your playmate is here. Sarah."


"Sarah." He struggled up on an elbow while he tried to think. "Wait a minute."

But Jeff had opened the bedroom door, and in the next second, he was out, and Sarah was in.

She had a dress on. Her pretty brown hair was braided into something severe. She looked dressed up and definitely not what he'd expected this morning.

"I… Hello." That was stupid to say, but he was still dazed from the night before. The after-sex fuzz was already fading, though. He grew more awake by the second as he stared into her brown eyes.

Her face was a little pinched. "Are you all right?"

Didn't he look all right?

"Of course." Cole pushed his hair back and then sat up.

The blanket slipped down, and he saw her studying his chest. He wasn't big on blushing, but his face grew hot with embarrassment. There were hardly any marks on him, considering what had happened -- Jeff knew what he was doing -- but there were enough. If Sarah knew anything about BDSM, she'd be able to guess some of what they'd done last night. If she didn't, she was probably imagining something pretty bad.

"Of course you're all right." Sarah sounded doubtful, but she sat on the edge of the bed. "I don't get this."

That makes two of us.

Why had Jeff left her here before Cole had a chance to explain things to Sarah? Why had he left her with him at all? Jeff knew what Cole wanted. Cole had been honest. Honesty was something Jeff demanded. Cole wanted Jeff, and he wanted to be his sub. But Sarah was… He wanted Sarah too, even though he didn't think he could get her.

Jeff didn't share. He'd made that clear from the start. Cole had respected that -- even craved it. Cole was tired of chasing for attention, men, and sex. Jeff provided everything he wanted. Staying monogamous for Jeff made the hopeless quest for Sarah that much easier to put aside.

He'd wanted Christmas with his two best-loved friends and partners, but he hadn't been entirely sure he could get them to agree, even though his persuading skills were finely honed. And he'd been damn sure he wouldn't get the two of them on his terms.

But here Sarah was. In bed with him. Not as much in bed as Cole might like, but closer to what he might like than he'd ever been before. Thanks to Jeff.

© Treva Harte, August 2011
All Rights Reserved

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