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Stay Alpha
Series: Alpha
Genre: Werewolf Paranormal
Length: Novel
Walk Away...
How does a nice girl handle a hungry were? When Dek left her, Leila vowed never to fall for an animal like him again. But now he's back...and resistance seems futile.

Dek is determined to have Leila join his “family.” He needs her, and he’s not about to take no for an answer. Leila swore she’d never break the rules again. But she’s about to discover that being top dog in a werepack has a lot of different rules. Scary, hot, exciting rules.

They hadn’t seen each other in years, but once they met again, Lowell knew Lin was all grown up at last. He didn’t think any woman could accept the kind of guy he’d turned out to be, but Lin had known him a long, long time.

She challenged him, aroused him and convinced him she was more than ready to be his mate. Now all they had to do was convince his hostile family that she was were enough to take them all on. And that she was kinky enough to handle Lowell one-on-one or in a pack.

Mia wanted Rome and feared Grey. Grey wanted Rome and had no interest in women. And Rome just plain wanted them both. When Grey had to bring Rome back to the were pack, Rome fought hard. He no longer fit in with pack politics and he wasn’t going to try. It was just his bad luck that both Grey and Mia were back at his old home and that his desire overcomes his political instincts.

It’s not until Grey is ordered to sire Mia’s baby that Rome finally sees a way to make everything he wanted finally come true. With Grey and Mia. All together.

Publisher's Note: The stories within this book contain sexual content that may be objectionable to some readers: menage and homoerotic sexual practices.

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